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To: Parents of 2017 Majors Players:

The Jr. Bulldogs is the premier travel team for BJFL.  These are the top players from the 5th and 6th grade age groups in Brownsburg Junior Football.  The Jr. Bulldogs are comparable to Brownsburg Little League Baseball Club (BBC) or Basketball's Indy Hoops Programs.  

Below are some frequently asked questions:

Who is eligible to play on the IEFA team?

The Jr. Bulldogs is the travel team for BJFL and all players in 4th through 6th grade are eligible to participate. BJFL recommends the travel program for 5th and 6th graders but 4th graders are eligible.

How many players will make the team?

34-36 players will be selected

How is the team decided, then managed?

The high school coaching staff will run tryouts in conjuction with co-head coaches Chris Hamilton and Randy Ross.  Players will be placed on one of two teams, "purple" or "white". Teams will be determined based on skill level.  Both teams will play their own games.  This will allow ample playing time for players on their respective teams.

Will the two teams be similar?

All Jr. Bulldog players will practice together. The Jr. Bulldogs coaching staff will coach every player during position work, skill circuits, and whole team time.  The only time the teams will be divided is during the last part of practice to run team specific plays. Both teams will run the same offense and defense.  

Game days:

The Jr. Bulldogs will play on Saturdays. Purple will play first and White will follow right after. There will be a few dates on the schedule when we will not have back to back games.  There will be games scheduled for Monday nights for the White team.  During playoffs both teams will combine in an effort for all to win the State Championship!

I heard last year there was a 5th grade team and a 6th grade team, is that the plan this year?

Last year that was the case.  Depending on interest and skill level this year, teams may not be divided by grade level.  The player evaluations will determine the teams.

What is the cost to play, and what does it cover?

Player Fees are $350.00.  This includes full uniform and IEFA season playoffs..

Any other post season tournaments would be at the discretion of that team. 

Who are the Coaches? 

Players will be exposed to coaching from all levels.  We have coaches from the high school, middle schools, and youth league. Practices are run in a similar way to the high school.

I want my kid to try-out, what do I do?

Login to the website and edit your player's account to "yes" on the Jr. Bulldogs line. If you have already selected Jr. Bulldogs, you don't need to do anything. Evalutions will be July 10th, 11th, and 12th from 8pm to 9pm. Evaluations will be after Coach Hart's Youth Camp at the high school field.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns by emailing BJFL at: 


BJFL IEFA Committee and

Head Coach Chris Hamilton


Jr. Bulldogs 2016 FAQ.